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Windows have become an important architectural element of each building. Selection of the correct type, shape, material and color affect the final look of the building and the well-being of people living in it.

Modern windows not only create more light and air in rooms but also provide unlimited flexibility. At Les Kommerce, we offer PVC, Wooden and Wood-Aluminium window profile materials, from high quality suppliers.


Doors are an important part of every building. Except the security, safety, prestige and aesthetics importance of front doors, they are the first part of the house you touch as you approach, and the last as you leave. Front doors say a lot about the values of the owner.  
On the other hand, interior doors, provide important barriers between the rooms in your home and are also used for sound proofing.  

At Les Kommerce, we offer various types of doors, made of different materials, from different suppliers with a long tradition, who provide innovative solutions, modern designs and a very high quality.

Roller Shutters - Roltek

Traditionally roller shutters have been used for office buildings, but now they are also becoming popular for residential buildings. 
Roller shutters are not used only for light protection and privacy, they offer good noise reduction as well as pleasant room environment during hot weather and good heat insulation qualities during cold weather. Roller shutters provide additional security elements and protection from burglary.

The materials used at Les Kommerce to build the roller shutters is imported from Roltek, which is a leading manufacturer in Slovenia for roller shutters. Aside the various roller shutters' type, at Les Kommerce, we offer a variety of colors, according to the color chart of Roltek, as an important aesthetic part.

The operation of roller shutters can be managed in different ways:

Use of stripe Crank drive Motor drive-push button Motor drive-remote control

Motor drive-intelligent timer


Flush Mounted Roller Shutters

Flush-mounted roller shutters are systems that can be used for new buildings. In a possible renovation of the property where the facade, but the windows are not replaced, flush-mounted roller shutters are the ideal solution.

Flush-mounted roller shutters  are placed in front of the window before the facade is applied. The facade conceals the shutters so that they are not visible. There is the possibility to install an integrated fly screen, which built into the shutter box (not visible), as protection from mosquitoes and other insects.


Types of flush-mounted roller shutters:

The pentagon Classic - System INTEGO
The elegant square - System Q INTEGO

Garage Doors

Both roll-up garage doors and overhead garage doors are offered by Les Kommerce.

Roll-up garage doors are suitable for high garage ceiling, while overhead garage doors are suitable for garages with low ceiling. Since the motor drive is a standard component of these garage doors, the remote control is used for their operation.

In the event of power failure, a hand lever is provided for emergency reliance (Overhead Doors), or optionally using crank drive (roll-up door). For the safe movement in the area of the door an optional sensor is provided.

Top Mounted Roller Shutters

Top-mounted roller shutters are the perfect choice for new buildings, because of the maximum isolation. These systems offer a hidden box, maximum isolation and a variety of different functions.

These roller shutters are placed over the window and installed at the same time with a window into a wall outlet. There is the possibility to install an integrated fly screen, which built into the shutter box (not visible), as protection from mosquitoes and other insects.


Types of top-mounted roller shutters:

The latest system is made of orange PURO.XR Poliuretan
The Classical System RA.2 / RA.3 PVC boxes with an insulating liner
The multifunction system is a bicameral KARO PVC profile case and contains an insulation insert

Visible Mounted Roller Shutters

Visible mounted roller shutters are the ideal and optimal solution for completed buildings.

These systems are mounted in front of the windows. There is the possibility to install an integrated fly screen, which built into the shutter box (not visible), as a protection from mosquitoes and other insects.


Types of visible roller shutters:

The pentagon Classic - System Pento
The Rugged - System QUADRO
The Modern Half Round - System RONDO

Laminate Flooring

At Les Kommerce, we offer laminate flooring imported from one of the worldwide leaders in producing high-quality laminate flooring. The advantages of Krono Original's laminate flooring are the inner qualities of the flooring, such as the A.B.C. Anti Bacterial Coating, integrated Anti-Static equipment, S.A.S. Sound Absorb System and others.

Laminate flooring from Krono Original is perfect for both contemporary and traditional interior designs. With their realistic rustic texture and subtle surface structures you can actually feel, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from actual wood. They are easy to care for and keep clean, giving you enduring beauty for many years to come.

Highland Oak Royal Oak Umbria Oak Fireside Oak
Brazilian Cherry Ethnic Oak Cottage Oak Bongassi
Grey Oak Wellington Oak Reed Beech Afzelia Malay

Loft Ladder

If you have a loft space in your building, in order to access it, you will need loft ladder.

At Les Kommerce, we offer wooden and metal loft ladder, which are very convenient and functional for such purposes, powerful and stylish at the same time.

Loft Ladder-Metal


Standard dimensions:

- 70 x 80 cm - 60 x 120 cm
- 70 x 100 cm - 70 x 120 cm


Loft Ladder-Wooden


Standard dimensions:

- 60 x 110 cm - 60 x 120 cm - 60 x 130 cm
- 70 x 110 cm - 70 x 120 cm - 70 x 130 cm


Roof Windows

Roof windows are part of our sales program at Les Kommerce. They are an important part of any building if there is an attic or space you want to use. They do not only offer natural light but also improve the ventilation of that space.


The standard dimensions of roof windows are the following:

- 55 x 78 cm - 55 x 98 cm
- 68 x 118 cm - 78 x 118 cm
Roller blind OMAN RL 1

It is cheap way to protect against the sun rays. The blind is rolled on a roll with a spring. It has side catches allowing the blind to be positioned at different heights on the window.

Find the perfect colour for your windows with the aluplast window colour configurator!